Impostor Syndrome

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There are many of us out there with the belief that we are some how inadequate. That we are frauds. I have seen many that are riddled with a sense of impostor syndrome, myself included. It usually goes back to our childhood where many were lead to believe or deluded themselves into believing that they are not good enough, regardless of ability. Then there are the complete opposites who lack ability but compensate that with confidence, ego and an over healthy self-esteem. Despite the latter shortcomings they manage to get the attention of others, and more importantly, get others to believe in them. In short, they are great salesmen who know how to sell themselves. Those of us who suffer from impostor syndrome can do well to learn from them. Confidence is key. Regardless of whether you fail or succeed, you have to believe that you can succeed.

Start out by reminding yourself daily of your accomplishments, be they big or small. Through the step of being mindful of your accomplishments can you come to the realization that you are worthy of the life you dream of or already have.

toddler looking at believe in yourself graffiti
Believe and you will achieve


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