My love for Vivaldi Browser

a heart shaped neon sign in the dark

I’ve been using Vivaldi web browser since I came across it late 2016. I was skeptical at first since I was a long time Firefox user. However once I got started, Vivaldi won me over. It was safe, secure, compatible with chrome’s vast library of extensions since it was chromium based. As the years have passed since 2016, Vivaldi browser just keeps on getting better and better. Now with Vivaldi version 6.0, all my browsing needs have truly been met. My account syncs everything for both my desktop and mobile devices, with the introduction of workspaces and tab stacks I can now organize my tab stacks and workspaces to my hearts content. All my e-mail and calendar accounts are now in one convenient location making me even more productive in both my work profession and hobbies.


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